Revelation, 3 November 1831 [D&C 133]

unto the Children of Ephraim my servents & the boundaries  of the everlasting hills shall trembl at their presence & these  shall thy fall down & be crowned with glory even in  Zion by the hands of the Servents of the Lord even the child ren of Ephraim & they shall be filled with songs of everla sting Joy behold this is the blessing of the everlasting God  upon the heads of the tribes of Israel & the richer blessing  upon the head of Ephraim & his fellows & they also on [of] the  tribe of Judah after their pain shall be Sanctified in  holiness before the Lord to dwell in his presenc[e] day & night  forever & ever & now verily saith the Lord that these things  might be known among you oh inhabitants of the  Earth I have sent forth mine Angel flying throug[h] the  midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel who hath  appeared unto some & hath committed it unto man who shall  appear unto many that dwell on the Earth & this gospel  shall be preached unto every Nation & kindred & tongue &  People & the Servents of God shall go forth saying with a loud  voice fear God & give glory to him for the hour of his Judgement  is come & worship him that made Heaven & earth & the Sea  & the fountain of waters calling upon the Lord day & night  saying oh that thou wouldst rend the heavens that thou  wouldest come down that the mountains would flow  down at thy presence & it shall be answered upon  their heads for the presence of the Lord shall be as the  melting fire that burneth & as the fire that causeth the  waters to boil oh Lord thou shalt come down to make  known thy name to thine advisary & all nations shall  trembl at thy presence when thou doeth terabl things  things that they look not for yea when thou comest down  & the Mountains flow down at thy presenc[e] thou shalt  meet him that rejoiceth & worketh righteousness who remember  thee in thy ways for sinc[e] the begining of the world have not  man heard nor perceived by the Ear neither hath the eye seen  O God besides thee how great things thou prepared for him that  waiteth for thee & [it] shall be said who is this that cometh [p. 118]
Revelation, Hiram, OH, 3 Nov. 1831; handwriting of John Whitmer; in Revelation Book 1, pp. 116–121; CHL and CCLA.
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