Revelation, 3 November 1831 [D&C 133]

<72 A Revelation Recd. Nov 3, 1831>
Hearken oh ye People of my Church—— saith the  Lord your <God> & hear the word of the Lord concerning you the Lord  who shall suddenly come to his temple the Lord who  shall come down with a curse to Judgement yea upon  all the Nations that forget god & upon all the ungodly amongst  you for he shall make bear his holy arm in the eyes of  all the Nations & all the ends of the earth shall see the  salvation of their god wherefore prepare ye prepare ye oh  ye my People Sanctify yourselves gether ye together oh ye  People of my Church upon the Land of Zion all you that  have not been commanded to tarry go ye out from  Babylon be ye clean that bear the vessels of the Lord call  your solom assemblies & speak often one to another &  let every man call upon the name of the Lord yea verily  I say unto you again the time has come when the voice  of the Lord is unto you go ye out of Babylon gether ye  out from among the nations from the four winds from one  end of Heaven to the other send forth the Elders of my Church  unto the nations which are afar off unto the ilands of the sea  send forth unto foreign lands call upon all nations firstly upon  the gentiles & then upon the Jews & Behold & Lo this shall be their  Cry & the voice of the Lord unto all People go ye forth unto  the Land of Zion that the borders of my People may be enlarged  & that her stakes may be strengthened that Zion may go forth— unto the regions round about— yea let the cry go forth  among all people awake & arise & go forth to meet the  Bride-groom Behold & Lo the Bride-groom Cometh— go ye  out to meet him prepare yourselves for the great day of the  Lord watch therefore for ye know neither the day nor the  hour let them therefore which are among the gentiles—  flee unto Zion & let they which be of Judah flee unto  Jerusalem unto the Mountains of the Lords house go ye  out from among the Nations even from Babylon [p. 116]
During the first half of November 1831, JS held a series of conference meetings in Hiram, Ohio, at which the primary business was planning the publication of a compilation of revelations. On 3 November 1831, the day after the first meetings concluded, JS dictated the book’s appendix. This revelation was intended to be the concluding revelation of the Book of Commandments, but the printing office’s destruction by an anti-Mormon mob in July 1833 precluded the text’s publication at that time.
The appendix elaborated on a number of biblical prophecies and invoked a variety of biblical phrases. It reviewed end-time events and highlighted their significance for the church and the world at large.
John Whitmer copied this text into Revelation Book 1, where it is designated “72 Revelation recd Nov 3, 1831.” Sidney Rigdon also produced a copy of this document sometime in November 1831. The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants included this revelation as the appendix or concluding revelation without indicating date or location.