Revelation, 3 November 1831 [D&C 133]

From the midst of wickedness which is spiritual babylon  But verily thus saith the Lord let not your flight not be in  hste but let all things be prepared before you & he that goeth let  him not [look?] back— lest sudden distruction shall come upon him  hearken & hear oh ye inhabitants of the Earth & listen ye  Elders of my Church together & hear the voice of the Lord  for he calleth upon all men & he comandeth all men every  where to repent for behold the Lord God hath sent forth the  Angel with the everlasting gospel crying through the midst of  Heaven saying prepare ye the way of the Lord & make his  paths strait for the hour of his coming is nigh when the Lamb  Shall stand upon Mount Zion & with him a hundred & forty four  thousand having his fathers name written in their foreheads—  wherefore prepare ye for the coming of the Bride-groom go ye g[o]  y◊◊ out to meet him for Behold he shall stand upon the  Mount of Olivet & upon the mighty Ocean even the great deep  & upon the Islands of the Sea & upon the Land of Zion & he shall  utter his voice out of Zion & he shall speak from Jerusalem &  his voice shall be heard among all people & it shall be as  the voice of many waters & as the voice of a great thunder  which shall break down the Mountains & the valies shall not  be found he shall command the great deep & it shall be driven  back into the North countries & the Islands shall become one  land & the land of Jerusalem & the Land of Zion shall be turned  back into their own place & the earth Shall be like as it was in  the days before it was before it was divided & the Lord even  the Saviour shall stand in the midst of his people <& shall reign> over all the  Earth flesh & they which who are in the North countries shall come  in rememberanc before the Lord & their Prophets shall hear his  voice and shall no longer stay themselves & they shall smite  the rocks & the ice shall folow down at their presenc[e] & an high  way shall be cast up in the midst of the great deep their  enemies shall become a prey unto them & <in> the barren deserts  there shall come forth pools of living water & the parched  ground shall <no> longe[r] be a thirsty land & they shall bring forth  th[e]ir rich treasures [p. 117]
During the first half of November 1831, JS held a series of conference meetings in Hiram, Ohio, at which the primary business was planning the publication of a compilation of revelations. On 3 November 1831, the day after the first meetings concluded, JS dictated the book’s appendix. This revelation was intended to be the concluding revelation of the Book of Commandments, but the printing office’s destruction by an anti-Mormon mob in July 1833 precluded the text’s publication at that time.
The appendix elaborated on a number of biblical prophecies and invoked a variety of biblical phrases. It reviewed end-time events and highlighted their significance for the church and the world at large.
John Whitmer copied this text into Revelation Book 1, where it is designated “72 Revelation recd Nov 3, 1831.” Sidney Rigdon also produced a copy of this document sometime in November 1831. The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants included this revelation as the appendix or concluding revelation without indicating date or location.