Revelation, 30 April 1832 [D&C 83]

Zion May 30 31st— 1832
Verily thus saith the Lord in addition to the laws  of the church concerning women and children who belong  to the church who have lost their husbands or fathers <a>  women <woman> <women> have <has> <have> claim on their husbands untill <t>he<y> is <are> taken  and if they are not found transgressors they remain upon  their inheritinces all children have claim upon their pa rents untill they are of age and after that they have  claim upon the church or in other words the Lords store house for inheritences
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JS dictated this revelation when he was in Missouri organizing the United Firm. Under the principle of “consecration,” church members pooled their resources for redistribution by the bishop. A question arose as to the status of the wives and children of male members who died while participating in the order. This revelation provided part of the answer.
Sidney Rigdon drafted a copy of this revelation possibly as early as 1 May 1832 for Newel K. Whitney. John Whitmer copied this text into Revelation Book 1, where it is identified as “80 A Revelation Received in Zion April 30, 1832.” Sidney Gilbert also included a copy in his revelations notebook as early as 1832. Frederick G. Williams recorded the text in Revelation Book 2 in August 1834, identifying the date and location as “Zion April 30—1832.” The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants included this revelation with the date of April 1832 but gave no location.