Revelation, 6 May 1833 [D&C 93]

men were made by him all things were  made by him and through him and of him  and I, John bear reccord that I beheld his  glory as the glory of the only begotten of the  fathe[r] full of grace and truth even the  spirit of truth which came and dwelt  in flesh and dwelt among us and I  John saw that he received not of the  fulness at the first but received  grace for grace and he received not  of the fulness but continued from  grace to grace until he received  a fulness and thus he was called  the son of God because he received  not of the fulness at the first and  I John bear reccord and lo the  heavens were opened and the holy ghost  decended upon him in the form of a dove and  set upon him and there came a voice out of  heaven saying this is my beloved son, and I John  bear reccord that he received a fulness of the  glory of the eternal God father and he receivd  all power both in heaven and on earth and  the glory of the father was with him for he dwelt  in him and it shall come to pass that if you  are faithful you shall receive the fulness of the  reccord of John I give unto you these sayings  that you may understand and know how to  worship and know what you worship [p. [2]]
Revelation, Kirtland, OH, 6 May 1833; handwriting of Frederick G. Williams; six pages; Newel K. Whitney Papers, BYU. Includes Newel K. Whitney endorsement.