Revelation, 8 March 1833 [D&C 90]

Kirtland 8th of March 1833
A Commandment given unto Joseph saying  thus saith the Lord verily verily I say unto you my son  thy sins are forgiven thee according to thy petition  for thy prayers and the prayers of thy brethren have  come up into my ears therefore thou art blessed  from henceforth that bear the keys of the kingdom  given unto you which kingdom is coming forth for  the Last time verily I say unto you the keys of this  kingdom shall never be taken from you whilst thou  art in the world neither in the world to come nev er[the]less through you shall the oricles be given unto another  yea even unto the church and all they who receive  the oricles of God let them be aware how they hold  them lest they are accounted as a light thing and  are brought under condemnation thereby and stum ble and fall when the storms descend <&> the winds blow  and the rains descend and beat upon their house  and again verily I say unto thy brethren Sidney [Rigdon] and  Fredrick [Frederick G. Williams] there sins are forgiven them also and  they are accounted as equal with thee in holding  the keys of this Last Kingdom as also through  your administration the <keys of the> School of the prophets  which I have commanded to be organized that  thereby they may be perfected in their minstry  for the salvation of Zion and of the Nations  of Israel and of the Gentiles as many as will  believe that through your administration they  may receive the word and through their adm inistration the word may go forth unto the  ends of the earth unto the Gentiles first and  then behold and Lo they shall turn unto the  Jews and then cometh the day when the arm  of the Lord shall be reveiled in power in  convincing the nations the heathen nations the  house of Joseph of the Gospel of their salvation for  it shall come to pass in that day that evry man shall  hear the fulness of the Gospel in his own Tongue  and in his own Language through thou who are ordained  unto this power [p. [1]]
This revelation marked an important step in the development of the church’s principal governing council, the First Presidency. A March 1832 revelation had indicated that JS was to be assisted by two counselors; that same month he ordained Jesse Gause and Sidney Rigdon. This revelation directed that JS’s current counselors, Rigdon and Frederick G. Williams (who had replaced Gause), be made equal with him in holding the keys of the kingdom and directing church affairs.
Williams recorded a copy of this revelation, perhaps from the original dictation copy, as early as March 1833. The text is designated “A Commandment given unto Joseph.” Williams also recorded the text in Revelation Book 2 about the same time with the designation “Revelation given Kirtland 8th March 1833.” Oliver Cowdery later copied the revelation into Revelation Book 1. The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants included the text with a date of 8 March 1833 but did not give a location.