Revelation, 8 March 1833 [D&C 90]

one with another let your families be small espec ially my mine aged Servant Joseph as pertaining  to thou who do not belong to your families that  those things that are provided for you to bring  to pass my work are not taken from you  and given to those that are not worthy  and thereby you are hindred in accomplish ing <those things which> I have commanded you and again  verely I say unto you it is my will that my  hand maiden Viana [Vienna Jacques] should receive money  to bear her expences and go up unto the Land  of Zion and the residue of her money I will  consecrate unto myself and reward her in mine  own due time verely I say unto you <that> it is meet  in mine eyes that she should go up unto the  Land of Zion and receive an inheritance from  the hand of the Bishop that she may settle down  in peace <in as much as she is faithful> and not be Idle in her days from  thenceforth and behold verely I say unto you  that ye shall write this commandment and  say unto your brethren in Zion in Love greeting  that I have called you also to preside over Zion  in mine own due time therefore let them cease  wearing me concerning this matter behold  I say unto you that your brethren in Zion  begin to repent and the Angels rejoice over  them nevertheless I am not well pleased  with many things and I am not well please[d]  with my servant William E McLel[l]in neithe[r]  with my servant sidney Gilbert and the  Bishop also and others have many things to  repent of but verely I say unto you that I  the Lord will contend with Zion and plead  with her strong ones and chasten her untill she  overcome and are clean before me for she shall  not be moved out of her place I the Lord have  spoken it— Am[en]— [p. [3]]
This revelation marked an important step in the development of the church’s principal governing council, the First Presidency. A March 1832 revelation had indicated that JS was to be assisted by two counselors; that same month he ordained Jesse Gause and Sidney Rigdon. This revelation directed that JS’s current counselors, Rigdon and Frederick G. Williams (who had replaced Gause), be made equal with him in holding the keys of the kingdom and directing church affairs.
Williams recorded a copy of this revelation, perhaps from the original dictation copy, as early as March 1833. The text is designated “A Commandment given unto Joseph.” Williams also recorded the text in Revelation Book 2 about the same time with the designation “Revelation given Kirtland 8th March 1833.” Oliver Cowdery later copied the revelation into Revelation Book 1. The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants included the text with a date of 8 March 1833 but did not give a location.