Revelation, 9 March 1833 [D&C 91]

Kirtland 9th of March 1833
A Revelation given concerning Apocrypha
Verily thus saith the Lord unto you concerning  the Apocrypha there are many things contained  therein that are true and it is mostly tran slated correct— there are many things contained  therein that are not true which are interpelations  by the hands of men varely I say unto you that  it is not needful that the Apocrypha should  be translated therefore whoso readeth it let him  understand for the spirit manifesteth truth and  and whoso is enlightened by the spirit shall  obtain benifit therefrom and whoso receiveth  not the spirit cannot be benefited; Therefore  it is not needful that it should be translated. Amen [p. 55]
As JS continued his revision of the Bible in March 1833, he prayed about whether to revise the Apocrypha. This revelation addressed the nature of that work and resulted in its exclusion from the revised text.
Frederick G. Williams recorded this text in Revelation Book 2 perhaps in March 1833 and designated it “A Revelation given concerning Apocrypha,” dated 9 March 1833 at Kirtland, Ohio. Sidney Gilbert also copied the text into his revelation notebook in 1833. The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants included this revelation with a date of March 1833 but no location.