Revelation, between circa 8 and circa 24 March 1832

This revelation was part of the young church’s ongoing implementation of financial practices, which previously included the appointment of a bishop to direct the church’s temporal affairs. By early 1832, it was clear that the church needed further elaboration of this arrangement. Compounding the situation, the two major centers of church population—in Ohio and Missouri—were nearly one thousand miles apart.
A revelation received several days prior to this one directed that church finances be governed by a firm composed of leaders from both locations and presided over by JS. Edward Partridge, bishop in Missouri, and Newel K. Whitney, the newly called Ohio bishop, were to coordinate the effort. This revelation affirmed that the presidency of the high priesthood and the bishops were to manage all church finances and resources.
Sidney Rigdon wrote this text in March 1832. Newel K. Whitney obtained the document about that time.