Revelation, February 1829 [D&C 4]

A revalation from the Lord unto Jos [page damaged] AD 1829
Saying now behold a marvelous work is about to come among the [page damaged]  [children] of men Therefore O ye that embark in the service of God see that ye serve  him with all your heart mind might mind & strenght that ye may stand  blameless before God at the last day therefore if ye have desires to serve  God ye are called to the work for behold the field is white already  to harvest & lo he that thursteth in his sickle with his might  the same layeth up his store that he perish not but bringeth  Salvation to his own soul & faith hope charity & love with an  eye single to the glory of God constitutes him for the work  remember temperance patience humility diligence &C.
Ask & ye shall receive knock & it shall be opened unto  you amen [p. [1]]
JS dictated this revelation for his father, Joseph Smith Sr., in February 1829. It was one of a number of revelations addressed to specific individuals before and after the formal organization of the Church of Christ in April 1830.
Revelation Book 1, prepared in 1831, contains a partial transcript of this revelation. It identifies the receipt as February 1828, later corrected within the text to 1829 by an unidentified hand. That document includes the introductory note, “A Revelation to Joseph the Father of the Seer he desired to know what the Lord had for him to do & this is what he Received as follows.”
The text featured here predates the version recorded in Revelation Book 1. It is in the hand of Edward Partridge and appears to have been copied down in late 1830 or early 1831.