Revelation, February 1831–A [D&C 43]

Own due time will I come upon the Earth in Judgement  & my People shall be redeemed & shall reign with me  on Earth for the great Millenial which I have spoken  by the mouths of my Servents shall come for satan  shall be bound & when he is loosed again he shall only  reign for a little Season & then cometh the end of the  world & he that liveth in righteousness shall be changed  in the twinkling of an eye & the Earth shall pass  away so as by fire & the wicked shall go away into  unquinchable fire & their end no man knoweth on  Earth nor ever shall know untill they come before  me in Judgement hearken ye to these words Behold  I am Jesus Christ the saveiour of the World treasure  these things up in your hearts & let the Solemn[i]ties  of Eternity rest upon your minds be sober keep  all the commandments even So amen [p. 70]
In February 1831, a “Mrs. Hubble” (likely Laura Fuller Hubbell) claimed to have received divine communications and shared them with church members in Ohio. At this early stage the church lacked widely disseminated guidelines regarding prophetic authority. As others made claims similar to Hubble’s, JS prayed about the matter.
The ensuing revelation reiterated the message given in response to a similar episode involving Hiram Page—that JS should be the only one to receive revelations for the church as a society or institution (Revelation, September 1830–B [D&C 28]). It also elaborated on the themes of the end of days and the second coming of Christ.
John Whitmer copied this text into Revelation Book 1, where it is designated “45th Commandment AD1831,” sometime between March and June 1831. The 1833 Book of Commandments dates this revelation to February 1831 at Kirtland, Ohio. The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants gives the same date but no location.