Revelation, Spring 1829 [D&C 10]

12 Now this is not all, their faith in their prayers  were, that this gospel should be made known also,  if it were possible that other nations should possess  this land; and thus they did leave a blessing upon  this land in their prayers, that whosoever should be lieve in this gospel, in this land, might have eternal  life; yea, that it might be free unto all of whatso ever nation, kindred, tongue, or people, they may  be.9

The Book of Mormon describes “this land,” or the promised land, as a land of freedom. (See Book of Mormon, 1830 ed., 60, 541 [2 Nephi 1:9; Ether 2:12].)
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The Book of Mormon: An Account Written by the Hand of Mormon, upon Plates Taken from the Plates of Nephi. Palmyra, NY: E. B. Grandin, 1830.

13 And now, behold, according to their faith in  their prayers, will I bring this part of my gospel to  the knowledge of my people. Behold, I do not  bring it to destroy that which they have received,  but to build it up.
14 And for this cause have I said, if this gener ation harden not their hearts, I will establish my  church among them.10 Now I do not say this to de stroy my church, but I say this to build up my  church: therefore, whosoever belongeth to my church  need not fear, for such shall inherit the kingdom of  heaven: but it is they who do not fear me, neither  keep my commandments, but buildeth up churches  unto themselves, to get gain; yea, and all those that  do wickedly, and buildeth up the kingdom of the de vil; yea, verily, verily I say unto you, that it is they  that I will disturb, and cause to tremble and shake  to the centre.11

See Book of Mormon, 1830 ed., 58 [1 Nephi 22:23].
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The Book of Mormon: An Account Written by the Hand of Mormon, upon Plates Taken from the Plates of Nephi. Palmyra, NY: E. B. Grandin, 1830.

15 Behold, I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God: I  came unto my own, and my own received me not.  I am the light which shineth in darkness, and the  darkness comprehendeth it not.12

See, for example, John 1:15; and Revelation, Apr. 1829–A [D&C 6:21].  

I am he who said  other sheep have I which are not of this fold, unto  my disciples,13

See John 10:16.  

and many there were that understood  me not.
16 And I will show unto this people, that I had [p. 26]
Revelation, Harmony Township, Susquehanna Co., PA, [ca. Apr. 1829; though parts may date as early as summer 1828]. Featured version, titled “Chapter IX,” typeset [between 1 Nov. and 31 Dec. 1832] for Book of Commandments, 22–27. John Whitmer copied this revelation [ca. Mar. 1831] into Revelation Book 1, but the pages on which the first part of the revelation was copied were removed at some point from that volume and are no longer extant.1

See Revelation Book 1, pp. 11–12, [207].
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Revelation Book 1 / “A Book of Commandments and Revelations of the Lord Given to Joseph the Seer and Others by the Inspiration of God and Gift and Power of the Holy Ghost Which Beareth Re[c]ord of the Father and Son and Holy Ghost Which Is One God Infinite and Eternal World without End Amen,” 1831–1835. CHL. Also available in Robin Scott Jensen, Robert J. Woodford, and Steven C. Harper, eds., Manuscript Revelation Books, facsimile edition, first volume of the Revelations and Translations series of The Joseph Smith Papers, edited by Dean C. Jessee, Ronald K. Esplin, and Richard Lyman Bushman (Salt Lake City: Church Historian’s Press, 2009).

The version found in the Book of Commandments and featured below is the earliest complete, extant version.