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Transcribed Characters with English Entries, circa July–circa December 1835

[Kirtland, OH, ca. July–ca. Dec. 1835]; handwriting of William W. Phelps; three pages; Kirtland Egyptian Papers, CHL. Includes redactions, including a possible signature of Frederick G. Williams.
Hand-made notebook made up of two gatherings of three leaves folded to make six leaves or 12 pages for a total of 12 leaves or 24 pages. The second, third, and fourth leaves of the notebook are inscribed on the recto of each leaf. The gatherings are bound together with one string sewn through two holes along the left side (not the gutter), tied off in the front. The leaves measures 7⅞ x 515/16 inches. There is staining/mold along the bottom edge of the notebook and what looks like foxing or water staining on the upper portion. The cover is made up of brown wrapper paper that measures larger than the pages (about 8½ x 6⅜ inches). The front cover bears math notations.
Note: The transcript presented here is used with permission of Brian M. Hauglid, associate professor of ancient scripture, Brigham Young University. Hauglid is preparing a collection of JS Egyptian materials, including this document, for print publication.