Atchison, David Rice 


11 Aug. 18071–26 Jan. 1886.2 Lawyer, judge, agriculturist, politician, farmer.3 Born at Frogtown, near Lexington, Fayette Co., Kentucky.4 Son of William Atchison and Catherine Allen.5 About 1830, moved to Liberty, Clay Co., Missouri, where he became a prominent lawyer.6 Retained as lawyer to assist in preparing Mormon redress petitions during Jackson Co., Missouri, expulsion, 1833.7 Elected to lower house of Missouri legislature, 1834, 1838.8 Assisted Alexander W. Doniphan in working with state legislature to create Caldwell Co., Missouri, as haven for Mormons, 1836.9 Commanding officer of third division of state militia during Mormon conflict, 1838.10 Appointed judge of Twelfth Judicial Circuit of Missouri, which included Platte and Clinton counties, 1841.11 Served in U.S. Senate, 1843–1855;12 president pro tempore of Senate for several sessions.13 Vice president of U.S. under Franklin Pierce, 18 Apr. 1853–4 Dec. 1854.14 Died at Gower, Clinton Co., Missouri.15