Matthews, Robert 


17881–ca. 1841.2 Carpenter, joiner, merchant, minister.3 Born at Cambridge, Washington Co., New York.4 Raised in Anti-Burgher Secession Church.5 Married Margaret Wright, 1813, at New York City.6 Adopted beliefs of Methodism and then Judaism.7 Moved to Albany, ca. 1825.8 Claimed to be God the Father reincarnated in body of Matthias, the ancient apostle.9 Prophesied destruction of Albany, 1830.10 Left Albany and his family to embark on apostolic preaching tour through eastern and southern U.S.11 Upon returning to New York, recruited local religious figures Elijah Pierson and Benjamin Folger.12 Committed to hospital for the insane at Bellevue, New York City, for a time.13 Little is known of Matthews after his 1835 visit with JS at Kirtland, Geauga Co., Ohio.14 Reported to have died in Iowa Territory.15