Ashtabula Township, Ohio 



Located on southern shore of Lake Erie, about thirty-five miles northeast of Kirtland, Ohio.1 Settled by New Englanders, ca. 1801.2 Organized 1808. Ashtabula borough incorporated, 1828.3 Ashtabula village incorporated, 1831.4 Important transportation and economic hub in northeastern Ohio with Ashtabula Harbor on Lake Erie and with intersection of Ashtabula River with Cleveland-Buffalo road two miles south from lake.5 Population in 1830 about 1,800.6 In fall 1830, Oliver Cowdery, Parley P. Pratt, Peter Whitmer Jr., and Ziba Peterson passed through Ashtabula Co. on missionary journey westward.7 JS stayed at Lamb’s Tavern in Ashtabula en route to Canada, 5 Oct. 1833.8 JS booked passage from Ashtabula Harbor to commence second mission to Canada, 1837.9