Burlington, Iowa 



Located in southeastern Iowa on west bank of Mississippi River.1 Site selected for construction of fort, 1805.2 Area settled, ca. 1833, by Europeans.3 Laid out, 1834.4 Incorporated 1837.5 Designated capital of Wisconsin Territory, 1837; capital of Iowa Territory, 1838.6 Capital of new state of Iowa, 1846–1848.7 Population in 1838 about 1,000;8 in 1840 about 1,300;9 in 1844 about 2,000;10 and in 1850 about 4,100.11 JS may have traveled to Burlington, Sept. 1839.12 Boat Little Nauvoo scheduled to receive provisions here en route from Nauvoo to “pinery” (church’s lumber operation) in Wisconsin, May 1843.13