Clay County, Missouri 



Settled ca. 1800.1 Organized from Ray Co., 1822.2 Original size diminished when land was taken to create several surrounding counties.3 Liberty designated county seat, 1822.4 Population in 1830 about 5,000; in 1836 about 8,500; and in 1840 about 8,300.5 Refuge for Latter-day Saints expelled from Jackson Co., 1833.6 LDS population in 1834 about 900.7 Citizens demanded Saints leave, summer 1836.8 Most Saints immigrated to newly formed Caldwell County, by 1838.9 During Mormon-Missouri conflict in Caldwell County, militia from Clay County assembled to combat Mormons, but did not fight.10 JS imprisoned in jail at Liberty, winter 1838–1839.11