Courthouse, Independence, Missouri 



Independence became county seat for Jackson Co., 29 Mar. 1827.1 First courthouse, single-story log structure located on lot 59 at intersection of Lynn and Lexington Streets, completed, Aug. 1828.2 Second courthouse, two-story brick structure located at center of square enclosed by Main, Lexington, Liberty, and Maple streets, commenced construction, May 1828; nearly completed upon arrival of JS and other Ohio Saints, summer 1831.3 JS revelation, dated 20 July 1831, directed temple for “city of Zion” to be built short distance west of courthouse.4 Mob assembled at courthouse, 20 July 1833, and tarred and feathered Bishop Edward Partridge and Charles Allen.5 After being arrested, four Mormon leaders were jailed in courthouse to protect them from mob, Nov. 1833.6 In courthouse, criminal charges against mob members dropped after state attorney general assessed antagonistic public climate, Feb. 1834.7 Second courthouse demolished, spring 1837.8 Third courthouse soon commenced construction, utilizing some foundation stones from prior structure; completed 5 Jan. 1841.9