Fountain Green, Illinois 



Unincorporated village (originally named Lick Grove, then Horse Lick Grove).1 Located about twenty miles east of Nauvoo, Illinois, and ten miles northeast of Carthage, Illinois.2 Area settled by Ute Perkins, 1826.3 Post office established, 1833.4 Named changed to Fountain Green, 1835.5 Platted May 1835.6 Gained official status, 1850.7 Population in 1845 about 600.8 JS preached to large congregation at home of William Perkins in Fountain Green, 25 June 1839.9 Several residents converted to LDS church, 1839.10 Other Latter-day Saints began settling among earlier inhabitants, 1840.11 Church members sold most of their property, by Nov. 1845, in preparation to leave Illinois.12