Harmony Township, Pennsylvania 



Located in northeastern Pennsylvania.1 Area settled, by 1787.2 Organized 1809.3 Population in 1830 about 340.4 Population in 1840 about 520.5 Contained Harmony village (no longer in existence).6 Josiah Stowell hired JS to help look for treasure in area, Oct. 1825.7 Birthplace of Emma Hale Smith.8 JS boarded with Hale family while working for Stowell, Nov. 1825.9 JS and Emma periodically resided in township, Dec. 1827–June 1829 and Aug. 1829–Aug. 1830.10 JS purchased farm and home from Isaac Hale in township, Apr. 1829.11 JS worked on revision of Bible and translated significant portion of Book of Mormon in township.12 While in area, JS also dictated several revelations.13 JS and Oliver Cowdery later reported angelic visitations in area from John the Baptist and apostles Peter, James, and John.14