Keokuk, Iowa Territory 



Located near confluence of Mississippi and Des Moines rivers.1 First settled, 1820.2 Fur trading post established, 1828.3 Named Keokuk, 1829, after Sac Indian chief, who later visited JS in Nauvoo, 1841.4 Platted 1837.5 Incorporated 1847.6 Population in 1841 about 150.7 Population in 1846 about 500.8 Following expulsion from Missouri, 1838–1839, many Saints settled in Keokuk and established branch of LDS church.9 Branch reported thirteen members, Aug. 1841.10 Vigilance committee later demanded removal of some Mormon families.11 JS spent night in Keokuk, 3–4 June 1843, en route from Quincy to Nauvoo.12 City served as significant outfitting camp for ten Mormon wagon trains, 1853.13