Office, Nauvoo, Illinois 



Term usually applies to JS’s private office, which was located at various places during JS’s lifetime, including his home and red brick store.1 While in JS’s red brick store, office served as church headquarters and location where JS kept his sacred writings, dictated revelations, and translated Book of Abraham.2 JS also counseled with apostles and other church officials and met with visitors in office.3 Prior to completion of Nauvoo temple, office used in part of endowment ceremonies.4 Term also refers to mayor's office, located at smokehouse on JS's property and later in red brick store.5 Term may also refer to temple recorder’s office or registrar’s office.6 Church recorder Willard Richards shared JS’s office in red brick store, Dec. 1841–Nov. 1842, after which recorder’s office moved to small brick addition to committee house, adjacent to temple.7 JS also assigned Willard Richards to record transfer of land deeds and to receive tithes, so registrar’s office was in same location as recorder’s office.8