Pine country, Crawford County, Wisconsin Territory 



Also known as pinery.1 Area near Black River where lumbering operation was established to provide timber for construction of Nauvoo temple, Nauvoo House, and other public buildings.2 Four mills established on Black River, ca. Sept. 1841: three near Black River Falls and one at confluence of Roaring Creek and Black River.3 About 150 men worked at mills during period of operation.4 At least twelve pinery shipments per year arrived by raft via Mississippi River at Shokokon, Illinois, beginning spring 1842.5 Total harvest included 1.5 million board feet of lumber, plus 200,000 shingles and other logs, timbers, and boards.6 Church leaders considered sending JS to pinery for protection from enemies, Aug. 1842.7 Mills sold at end of 1844–1845 season.8