Printing office, Independence, Missouri 



JS revelations, dated 20 July and 1 Aug. 1831, directed establishment of LDS church’s first printing office in Independence, Missouri.1 Dedicated by Bishop Edward Partridge, 29 May 1832.2 Located on Lot 76, on Liberty Street just south of courthouse square.3 Westernmost press in U.S.4 Housed on top floor of two-story brick building, with family of church printer, William W. Phelps, residing on first floor.5 Established to print revelations, to facilitate communication between church bodies in Ohio and Missouri, and to educate public about church.6 Printed fourteen issues of first church periodical, The Evening and the Morning Star, June 1832–July 1833.7 W. W. Phelps & Co. also published Upper Missouri Advertiser, featuring community and national news, in printing office.8 Mob damaged press, scattered type, and leveled building, 20 July 1833.9 Some printed sheets of Book of Commandments recovered by church members and later collated and bound.10