History, 1838–1856, volume C-1 Addenda

Jonathan Grimshaw handwriting begins.  

Addenda to Book C1. By Geoe. A. Smith.
Commenced Octr. 18th. 1854.

Addenda • 19 October 1840

<1840  Octr 19> Bro: Orson Pratt has recently published a pamphlet entitled “An  interesting account of several remarkable visions, and of the late discovery  of Ancient American Records”, comprising 31 pages, giving a brief  sketch of the rise of the Church. (page 1119.)

Addenda • 22 October 1840

<22> Thursday. The committee appointed by the General Conference of  the Church at Nauvoo on the 3rd. inst, (my brother Hyrum [Smith] presiding), organized  a Stake at Lima this evening, by appointing Isaac Morley, President,  John Murdock & Walter Cox his counsellors; also a Bishop’s Court,  composed of Gardner Snow, Clark Hulet & Henry Dean; with James  C. Snow, Clerk. (page 1119)

Addenda • 23–27 October 1840

<23> Friday. Gardner Snow was ordained Bishop under the hands of  Hyrum Smith.
<25> Sunday. The Committee organized a Stake at Quincy. The  Presidency were, Daniel Stanton, Stephen Jones, and Ezra T. Benson  (who was ordained a High Priest); also Bishop and Council, George  W. Crouse, Azariah Dustin, and <Sylvester> B. Stoddard.
<27> Tuesday. The Committee organized a Stake called Mount  Hope, at the Steam Mills, Columbus, Adams County. President  and Council were Abel Lamb, Sherman Gilbert and John Smith.  Bishop and Council, Daniel A. Miller, Isaac Clark and John  Allen: Simeon J. Comfort, Clerk.
At Freedom Branch, near Payson, Adams County, Henry  W. Miller, Duncan Mc. Arthur and William Tenney were appointed  to preside. Bishop and Council, Simeon <Matthew> Leach, Horra Kimball <Horace B. Skinner.>,  and Jacob Foutz. (page 1119)

Addenda • 29–31 October 1840

<29> Thursday. Elder [Wilford] Woodruff preached twice in London, and baptized  three
<30> <Elder Snow Lorenzo Snow had a discussion with Mr. Barker, a Methodist Minister at Hill Top near Birmingham, and baptized two.>
<31> Saturday. I copy the following from the Manx Liberal of this date:
“ To the Editor of the Manx Liberal—
I feel rather surprised and chagrined that that  modern delusion,viz: “Mormonism,” should have made such rapid  strides in this town, hitherto considered exempt from the many systems  of irreligious creeds which abound in England, America, and else where. I had thought that the powerful and argumentative addresses  of the dissenting ministers would have checked such a gross piece [p. 1]
JS, History, 1838–1856, vol. C-1, addenda, created 18 Oct.–ca. 20 Nov. 1854; 75 pages in volume bearing three labels reading “Historical Notation,” “From 1841 to 1851,” and “Addenda to C1;” handwriting of Leo Hawkins, Jonathan Grimshaw, Robert Campbell, and John L. Smith; CHL.