History, circa 1841, fair copy

I was born in the Town of Sharon, Windsor Co. Vt, on  the 23d day of Dec. in the year of our Lord, 1805.  When I was 10 years old, my father, Joseph Smith Sen  emigrated to Palmyra, Ontario, (now Wayne) County,  New York. After residing there, about four years,  he removed with his family to Manchester of the  Same County.
His family at this time, consisted of eleven Souls,  Viz Joseph Smith Senr, his consort Lucy, whose  maiden name was Mack (daughter of Soloman Mack [Sr.]  of [blank],) my brother, Alvin, (now dec[e]ased,)  Hyrum. Myself, Samuel Harrison, William, and  Don Carlos, my sisters, Sophronia. Catherine [Katharine], and  Lucy. During the second year of our residence  in this place; I being about 14 years old there was  an unusual religious excitement, commencing in the Methodst  Society, <and> soon becoming <became> general among all the sects in that  vicinity. The results of which were that many united  with the different sects; causing much strife and division  among the people. Some crying lo here, and some lo  lo there. Some contending for one faith and some for  another. And notwithstanding the love they expressed at  the time of their conversion, and the Zeal of the respective  Clergy, who had been active in getting up, th and promoting  this excitements with the avowed object of “converting  every body,” professing to care but little, with what society  the converts united: Yet when the converts began to  unite with the different sects, it became evident that  the professed love and zeal of both Clergy and Converts.  and Clergy Converts and Clergy, were more pretended than  real. And a scene of great confusion and bad feelings,  ensued. Priest at war with Priest— Convert with Convert,  convincing an unprejudiced mind that their professed  love [p. 1]
JS, History, [ca. 1841], fair copy; handwriting of Howard Coray; 100 pages; CHL.
See also source note for JS History, circa 1841, draft.