History, circa 1841, fair copy

A great and marvellous work is about to come  forth among the children of men; behold I am  God, and give heed unto my word which is quick  and powerful sharper than a two edged sword to the  dividing assunder of both joints and marrow; Therefor  give heed to my word
2 Behold the field is white already to harvest;  therefore whoso desireth to reap let him thrust in his  sickle, with all his might and reap while the day  lasts, that he may treasure up for his soul everlas ting salvation in the kingdom of God; yea whoso will  thrust in his sickle and reap the same is called of God.  Therefore if you will ask of me you shall recieve, if you  will knock it shall be opened unto you
3 Now as you have asked, behold I say unto you keep  my commandments and seek to bring forth and  establish the cause of Zion Seek not for riches but  for wisdom, ask and behold the mysteries of God  shall be unfolded unto you and then shalt thou you  be made rich behold that he that hath eternal  life is rich
4 Verily, verily, I say unto you, even as you desire of  me, shall it be done unto you; and if you desire, you  shall be the means of doing much good in this gener ation. Keep my commandments and assist to bring  forth my work according to my commandments and  you shall shall be blessed
5 Behold thou hast a gift, or thou shalt have a gift if  thou wilt desire it of me in faith with on honest heart believing  in the power of Jesus Chist or in my power who speaketh  unto you unto thee for behold it is I that speaketh  behold I am the light that which shineth in <the> darkness  and by my power I give these words unto thee [p. 37]
JS, History, [ca. 1841], fair copy; handwriting of Howard Coray; 100 pages; CHL.
See also source note for JS History, circa 1841, draft.