History, circa 1841, fair copy

according to that which is just Build upon my rock  which is my gospel; deny not the spirit of revelation  nor the spirit of prophecy for wo unto him that shall  deny these things. Therefore treasure up in your heart  until the time which is in my wisdom that you shall go  forth Behold I speak unto all who shall go forth  have good desires and thrust in their sickle to reap  Behold I am Jesus Christ the son of God. I am the  life and the light of the world I am the same who  came unto my own and my own recieved me not  But verily verily I say unto you that as many as  recieveth me. to them will I give power to become the  sons of God even to them that believe on my  name Amen
About this time came an old gentleman of whom  I wish to make honorable mention Viz Mr Jos Knights [Knight]  Senr of Colesville, Broom[e], Co, P,a, who having heard  of the manner in which we were occupying our time very  kindly brought us a quanty of provision that we might  continue translating without interruption from the want  of the necessaries of life Being very anxious to know  his duty relative to this work I enquired of the Lord and  obtained for him the following Revelation
1 A great and marvellous work is about to come forth  among the children of men Behold, I and [am] God  and give heed unto my word which is quick and  powerful like sharper than a two edged sword to the  dividing asunder of both joints and marrow  Therefor give heed unto my word
2 Behold the field is white already to harvest  Therefore whoso desirith to reap [p. 39]
JS, History, [ca. 1841], fair copy; handwriting of Howard Coray; 100 pages; CHL.
See also source note for JS History, circa 1841, draft.