History, circa 1841, fair copy

We found the people of Seneca County in the  main friendly and disposed to inquire into the tr uth of these strange things which were being noised  abroad and many opened their houses to us so  that we might have an opportunity of meeting with  our friends and obtain instruction. We met  from time to time at this place and found  many that were willing to hear us and anxious  to find out the truth as in Christ Jesus and  apparently willing to obey the Gospel. In this  month (June) David Whitmer Peter Whitmer Jr. and  my brother Hyrum were baptized in Seneca Lake
From this time many became believers and were  baptized whilst we continued to instruct those who  applied for information. We had learned dur ing the work of translation that the Lord would  provide special witnesses to whom he would  show the plates from which the book of Mormon  was translated that they (the witnesses) should  bear record of the same see book of Mormon  1st Edition page [blank] second edition [blank]
Immediately after we had made this disc overy it occured to Oliver Cowdry David Whitmer  and Martin Harris (the latter having come to as certain our progress in the work) that the Lord  would permit them to become these witnesses
Accordingly they became very solicitous that  I should inquire of the Lord respecting it, which  I did and obtained the following Revelation
1 Behold I say unto you that you must rely  upon my word which if you do with full purpose  of heart you shall have a view of the plates and  also the breast plate, the sword of Laben and  the Urim and Thummin which were given [p. 43]
JS, History, [ca. 1841], fair copy; handwriting of Howard Coray; 100 pages; CHL.
See also source note for JS History, circa 1841, draft.