History, circa 1841, fair copy

my church for my soul delighteth in the song of  the heart yea the song of the righteous is a  prayer unto me and it shall be answered with  a blessing upon their heads wherefore lift up  thy heart and rejoice and cleave unto the  covenant which thou hast made
4 Continue in the spirit of meekness and  beware of pride. Let thy soul delight in thy  husband and the glory which shall come  upon thee him. Keep my commandments  continually and a crown of righteousness  thou shalt receive. And except thou do  this where I am thou canst not come
And verily verily I say unto you that  this is my voice unto all Amen
During the same month  the following revelation was given to Joseph  Smith Jr. Oliver Cowdry and John Whitmer
1 Behold I say unto you that you shall let  your time be devoted to the studying of the scriptures  and to preaching and to confirming the Church at  Colesville and to performing your labors on the  land such as is required until I after you shall  go to the west to hold the next conference and then  it shall be made known what you shall do.
And all things shall be done by common  consent in the Church by much prayer and  faith Amen
After we had received the above revela tion I commenced arranging and copying the  revelations which had been given us in which  I was assisted by John Whitmer who now resided  with me. Whilst thus engaged I received  a letter from O. Cowdry who had returned  to Mr. Whitmer [Peter Whitmer Sr.]’s which caused me much  pain and anxiety. I can only give my rea ders an extract of the contents as the letter is  now lost. He wrote to inform me that he [p. 85]
JS, History, [ca. 1841], fair copy; handwriting of Howard Coray; 100 pages; CHL.
See also source note for JS History, circa 1841, draft.