Letter from Alvah Tippets, 20 October 1834

us to collect all our monies, and appointed a day for  the church to come together for council. Accordingly  we came together and after consecration chose a modera tor & clerk to keep the record of the church, counselled together  concerning property ownd by the church, and commenced to make  sale, and collect pay according to the voice of the church  in order to collect all the monies owned by the church &  send by the hands of wise men, which were appointed  by the voice of the church; one Elder and the other a Priest  according to the will of God.
Alvah L. Tippits
Lewis, County of Essex N. Y.}
Oct. 20 1834.}
A branch of the church of the Latter Day-Saints, agreeable  to the requirement of heaven, have strove to unite their  hearts and views in order to be found spotless before the  blazing throne of the great Jehovah, when he comes  to make up his jewels, and for this end do send  property by the hands of wise men appointed by the voice  of the church, (agreeable to the revelation concerning the  redemption of Zion) for the purpose of purchasing land in  Jackson County or counties, round about, for the inheritance of  the church. Agreeable to this we give out names with  the affix sums annexed.
One hundred dollars to    
Alvah H. Tippits}CashPropertybe left in Kirtland in
Joseph H. Tippits}$.98.67}120.37boots & shoes
Alvah Tippits 34.63}80.00
John H. Tippits 171.05} 51.93
Henry Adams11.13 } 8.75
David Bragg 5.00} 1.06The wise men are
Zebulon Adams 1.75}John H. Tippits
Caroline Tippits151.06}107.00Joseph H. Tippits
Gustavus A. Perry 00.00.} 6.00
aggregated $.848.40
[p. 80]
Alvah Tippets, letter, Lewis, NY, to JS and Kirtland High Council, Kirtland, OH, 20 Oct. 1834; handwriting of Warren Cowdery; in Minute Book 1, pp. 78–80; CHL.