Letter from Elias Higbee, 22 February 1840

then observed that there was a minority in the Legi slature, much in our favor, which seemed to please  him, as they attended several times to it. The cause  of my being so particular is to show you the whole  ground I have taken in this matter, that there may  be no inconsistency. If have erred in this matter  it is my head and not my heart
<Note> This letter should should have been  inserted immediately af[ter] the letter  of Jud[g]e Higbee. dated Feb 21st. 1840 [p. 115]
Elias Higbee, letter, Washington DC, to JS, en route to Nauvoo, IL, 22 Feb. 1840; handwriting of Howard Coray; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 111–115; JS Collection, CHL.