Letter from George Gee, 30 December 1841

Pittsburgh Dec. 30th. 1841
Dear Sir I have taken my pen  at this time for the purpose of informing the  1st. Presidency of the arrival of Elder John E  Page in this city on his way to Nauvoo I arrived here last week found 4 brethren who  came from Philadelphia— I hired a Hall in the  central part of the City to preach in on every  Thursday Eve & on every other Sunday Eve thie went  and engaged the Winebranarian Chapel on Penn  Street— 5 ward to have it when not occupied by  themselves and the abolitionist— free of charge!!!!  published 5 appointments & when preaching the  2d. who should come in but Br Page— I was  laboring under a very violent cold— and seeing  the door opened for preaching I requested Elder  Page to stay a short time and assist me—  he seamed very anxious to go immediately home  in obedience to the notice in the “Times & Seasons.”  but saw the necessity of my having some help  and after some reflection agreed to stop a short  time on my being responsible to the Church or  agreeing to take the blame on my own shoulders  if there was any— I called to mind the saying of  Br Hyrum [Smith]— he said “George [Gee] go to Pittsburg be  faithful & if you need help the Lord will send it  to you” we have preached 4 times to very crowd ed rooms— many appear to be much excited & last  night Br Page preached a “Thundering” discourse on  the evidences of the Book of Mormon— after  he closed we sold 18 copies of our different Books  some [a]ppeared to be honest— but the Devil was  there in the form of a street commissioner and a  Docter— with How[e]s [Eber Howe’s] alias Hulbuts [Doctor Philastus Hurlbut’s] Book and a [p. [1]]
George Gee, Letter, Philadelphia, PA, to Sidney Rigdon and the First Presidency, Nauvoo, IL, 30 Dec. 1841; presumably handwriting of George Gee; three pages; Sidney Rigdon Collection, CHL.