Letter from George Gee, 30 December 1841

you moved to Pittsburgh— & of your first  acquaintance with Patterson, and what questions  I shall ask Patterson & if you think of any  other persons in this place that I could get  any useful information upon the subject— also  is B[enjamin] Winchesters pamphlet correct that he  published about the Spalding story. I am in  possession of some facts which W was not  & think some of publishing a pamphlet  if I can get Pattersons cirtificate— upon that  subject— I do not wish to trespass upon your  valuable time by answering the above questions  unless you are pe[r]fectly willing. I hope however  to get an Epistle from the 1st. Presidency as soon  as this shall come to hand perhaps I may get  it before Elder Page leaves— I feel as though  I needed your prayers to sustain me that I  may be the humble instrument in the hand  of God in faithfully warning this city and of  gathering out the honest in heart to rejoice  in Zion— when Jesus shall reward the faithful  and take vengance on the Rebellious & proud—  Elder Page wishes to be remembered to all  Saints and sends his best love to the 1st.  Presidency & to the Quorum of the “Twelve”  and hopes by the blessing of our Heavenly  Father to see them soon—
As Ever Your fellow laborer in the  Kingdom and Patience of God
George W. Gee. [p. [3]]
George Gee, Letter, Philadelphia, PA, to Sidney Rigdon and the First Presidency, Nauvoo, IL, 30 Dec. 1841; presumably handwriting of George Gee; three pages; Sidney Rigdon Collection, CHL.