Letter from Jacob W. Jenks, 31 December 1839

Sing Sing Dec 31t.1839
Brother Joseph Smith Jr,
Sir In the bonds of the Gospel  of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, may the Lord be  with and strengthen you, while in the business  in which you are engaged at Washington, together  with the rest of your Bretheren & associates there,  in compliance will [with] the revealed will of God.  I am pleased to learn that the head, and—  also the rest of the chosen twelve, are fired with  inteligent zeal, to do the will of the Lord; that  this Kingdom may soon come in its fullness,  when the Knowledge of the Lord shall cover.—  the earth as the waters cover the Deep
Allow  me to say dear Brother, it is the desire of the  Bretheren at Sing Sing, as well as at N. York, to  come into our city & Vilage, if you should deem  it expedient. I know that there were some pec uniary embarrassments, under which you have  been in time past labouring; and do not know  but they are still continueing; if so I am aware  that you could not visit us the City without lay ing yourself liable to imprisonment, which I should  be sorry to have take place; as it is the law of  our land that a nonresident shall be liable to  imprisonment; yet I do not know but you might  manage in that way so as not to have the law  enforced. I mention these things so that you  may not be brought into bondage unawares;  perhaps by those, who may feel a disposition to  persecute the saints in Sing Sing and New.  York would be very much grattified to have  your presence
I wish you would answer this as  soon as it comes to hand, letting me know the  expense, or fare to Phila. alas The <expense the> rest of the  rout to Sing Sing & New. York, I know the amt of.  I will give you a returning answer immediately, [p. 117]
Jacob W. Jenks, letter, Sing Sing, NY, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 31 Dec. 1839; handwriting of Howard Coray; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 117–118; JS Collection, CHL.