Letter from John P. Greene, 30 June 1839

administration of Missouri & also a very pathatic invitation  for the Mormon representative to soon appear on the Sea Board  that the Citizens of the East might have an oppertunity to  sympathize with them in their afflictions. At the same time  the “Mo Republican complains very bitterly of the Editors  of Cincinnatti for their sympathies expressed for the Mormons  & also accuse them of that wicked & notorious crime (which  deserved all the abuse that Mo had given them) their  leader Jo Smith pretended to hold converse with the Deity  So we see that the people are stirred up for some reason—  But Dear Sirs this course of things will have the desired  Effect— it awakens up the attention of the people to hear  and read and know for themselves & when ever these things are  laid before them every honest man must believe them from  the very nature of things & the former reffuse of lies are swept  away the Missourians appear in her own garb of Mobocracy  while the Mormons are strip[p]ed of that dark sable mantle  of all manner crime & wickedness which has come from th[e]  pulpit and the press; & the credulity of the people allows  them to believe the truth: and the church does appear in its  own native plain[n]ess with<out> partiality and without hypocracy  but I must bid you adieu for the present, but I will  write you again & I wish you to write to me at philadel phia or New York and express your mind and feelings  on this subject.
I am Yours in the Covenant of the  Gospel of Christ
Joseph Smith Jr)Pres
Sidney Rigdon )
Hyrum Smith)
N B Excuse all the imperfections of this scrawl  & ever pray for me as I do for you
John P. Greene, letter, Cincinnati, OH, to JS, Sidney Rigdon, and Hyrum Smith, Commerce, IL, 30 June 1839; handwriting of Robert B. Thompson; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 75—76; JS Collection, CHL.