Letter from John P. Greene, 30 June 1839

Cincinnati, June 30th 1839
Honrd & Ever respected Brother & also to Prests.  S[idney] Rigdon & H[yrum] Smith
It is with great satisfaction  that I address you at this time, Altho I have been detained  in this place much longer than I intended— but I very believe  the Lord has directed my way since I left Quincy— when I  first came to Cincinnati the doors seemed all colosed for about  a week before I could get a hearing & at that time but very few  came out: for some said the Mormons deserved all that Missouri  had done to them and others believed what the priests said:  But some came out & heard as they said the tale of woe for  themselves,— the Lord helping me to tell the things in quite a  systematic course & the people with Doctors Lawyers Priests  & Drunkards all opened their ears eyes & mouth & then there  hearts were accessible, and when I had done credulity had  no place in the Colledge Mr— Morris Esqr & Mr Wm Greene Esq  with others spoke freely on the Subject, and declared they  believed all that I had stated to the letter.— then appropriate  resolutions were adopted— the meeting was then adjourned  for one week so as to be accomodated with the House but when  the week came the house could not be occupied by us & the  friends of liberty got there eyes pealed— & to See the Spirit of  opposition & I think that all the wrath of man will yet work  for our good. At the meeting I was advised to publish my doc uments— a committee was appointed of the Citizens to examine  the proof that was affixed on that subject. This Committee after  examining my papers requested me to publish. and accep ted their invitation; I have compiled the whole documents with  an appendix & it is now in the press a pamphlet of more  than forty pages (of which I will send you as soon as they  are out of press) the Sound of Mormon representative in  Cincinnati makes a great fuss here and also a far off the  fifth day after I arrived in Cincinnatti my arrival was  announced in the City of N York in one of the most noted papers  of the Union, with strong terms of disapprobation of the [p. 75]
John P. Greene, letter, Cincinnati, OH, to JS, Sidney Rigdon, and Hyrum Smith, Commerce, IL, 30 June 1839; handwriting of Robert B. Thompson; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 75—76; JS Collection, CHL.