Letter from Newel K. Whitney, 20 April 1837

best to pay the 2d payment if possible say 6500 $ certainly as soon as the  10th day of May as the farm is worth considerable to raise grain on this  season &c. if any thing is done it must be done soon & if you can get  the money (say 6500 $) deposit it in Bank and send a check or  something that will we can sell to Geauga Bank we want you to write  us immediately that we may know your feelings—
in haste but yours truly N K W [Newel K. Whitney]
P.S. Brother Hyrum just called on me and says he yet has doubts as  to its being perfectly safe for you to come back immediately in consequence  of some reports he has heard this morning & he thinks best you should  learn of the Lord as to returning, but send us all the money possible  to pay for farms &c as it is supposed to be important that we keep  all the land we can.—
Br Marten [Martin Harris] If Sidney & Joseph have left your place please  forward this to them immediately.
Wayne County N.Y. [p. 62]
Newel K. Whitney, letter, Kirtland, OH, to JS and Sidney Rigdon, Palmyra, NY, 20 Apr. 1837; handwriting of James Mulholland; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 61–62; JS Collection, CHL.