Letter from Oliver Cowdery, 6 November 1829

and the most to learn of your faithfulness in christ my dear  Brother when I think of the goodness of christ I feel no desire to  live or Stay here upon the shores of this world of iniquity only to  to Serve him my maker and be if posible an instriment in his  hands of doing Some good in his cause with his <grace> to assist me when  I consider and try to realise what he has done for me I am  astonished and amaised why Should I not be for while I was  rushing on in sin and crouding my way down to that awful  gulf he yet Strove with me and praised be his holy name <and>  Eternal name he has redeemed my Soul from endless  torment and wo not for any thing that I have me[r]ited or  any worthyness there was in me for there was none but it  was in and through his own mercy wraught out by his  own infinite wisdom by prepareing from all Eternity  a means wherefore whereby man could be saved on conditions of  repentance and faith on that infinite attonement which  was to be mad[e] by a great and last Sacrif[i]ce which Sacr[i]fice  was the death of the only begotten of the Father yea the eter nal Father of Heaven and of Earth that by his resere ction all the Family of man might be braught back  into the presance of God if therefore we follow christ in  all things whatsoever he comma[n]deth us and are buried  with him by baptism into death that like as christ  was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Eter nal Father even So we also Should walk in newn ess of life and if we walk in newness of life to the  end of this probation at the day of accounts we Shall  be caught up in clouds to meet the Lord in the air  but I need not undertake to write of the goodness of God  for his goodness is unspeakable ne[i]ther tell of the mite ries [mysteries] of God for what is man that he can comprehend  and Search out the wisdom of deity for Great is the misteries  of Godliness therefore my only motive in this writing is to  inform you of my prospects and hopes and my desires and  my long<ing> to be freed from Sin and to rest in the king dom of my Savior and my redeemer when I [p. 7]
In this letter, Oliver Cowdery reported briefly on the activities of the New York believers and on the status of the printing of the Book of Mormon. However, the preponderance of this document provides a glimpse of Cowdery as a deeply religious man. His work during the previous six months as JS’s scribe exposed him to the Book of Mormon’s emphasis on redemptive grace, and he incorporated a number of that book’s passages into his letter.
Cowdery wrote this letter in response to JS’s letter of 22 October 1829. Though the original is not available, JS copied this letter into his Letterbook 1 in late 1832 or early 1833.