Letter from Oliver Cowdery, 7 May 1831

Kaw Township May 7— 1831
Our dearly beloved Brethren
I have nothing  partickuler to write as concerning the Lamanites  & because of a short journey which I have <just> returned  from in consequence of which I have not  writen to you since the 16th. of the last month  <I> and brother Ziba [Peterson] went into the county East  which is LaFayette about 40 miles and in  the name of Jesus called on the people to  repent many are of whom <are I> believe earnestly [p. 12]
Late in 1830, Oliver Cowdery and others traveled west to preach to the Delaware Indian nation in the Kansas Territory. Early church members often referred to Indians as “Lamanites” because they associated them with a Book of Mormon people identified by that name. In this letter, Cowdery dutifully passed to church associates in the East information he had acquired in western Missouri about Indian nations farther west (in this case, the Navajo people). He also noted that despite general opposition a handful of local citizens seemed interested in Mormonism. Cowdery and his associates remained in Missouri until JS and other elders arrived in late July and early August 1831 to identify and dedicate the location for the New Jerusalem.
   The original letter is not extant. Frederick G. Williams recorded the letter’s text in JS’s letterbook between 27 November 1832 and early January 1833.