Letter from Oliver Cowdery, 8 April 1831

man he also says that we have put more into the lamenites  during the short time we we were permited to be with them  (which was but a few days[)] then all the devels in the infernal  pit and and and all the men on earth can get out of them in  four generations he tells me that, that evry Nation  have now the name of Nephy who is the son of Nephi  & handed down to this very generation, there is only a  part of that Nation here now but the remainder are  expected this spring the principle chief says he believes  evry word of the Book & there are many <more> in the Nation  who believe and we understand there are many among the  Shawnees who also believe & we trust that when the  Lord shall open the <our> way we shall have glorious times  for truly my brethren my heart sorrows for them  for they are cast out & dispised and know not  the God in whom they should trust we have traveld  about in this country considerable and proclaimed  repentence and very <many> are very anxious serious &  honest, Brother Peter [Whitmer Jr.] & Ziba [Peterson] started this day to go to  across the Missouri River to preach by request  and myself & Frederick [G. Williams] are together and will hold  a meeting next Sunday at the house we are  teaching school for we concluded that we were  able and also willing to Labour with our hands  for our support but while we do this we  do not forget the ministry and are thankful  that our heavenly Father has endowed us with  faculties to do this for our support <the agent for> The Laman ites is very strict with us and we think some what strenuous respecting our having liberty  to visit our brethren the Lamanites but we  trust that when our brother Parly [Parley P. Pratt] returns we  shall have a permit from General [William] Clark who  is the Superintendent of Indian affairs west  of the Missi[ssi]ppi who must have a reccommend  or security before he can give a permit for any [p. [11]]
Oliver Cowdery, letter, Kaw Township, Missouri, to “Dearly Beloved Brethren and Sisters,” [Kirtland, OH], 8 Apr. 1831; handwriting of Frederick G. Williams; in JS Letterbook 1, pp. 10–12; JS Collection, CHL.