Letter from Reuben McBride, 3 January 1842

Kirtland Jany 3d 1842
President Joseph Smith
Dear Brother after a Journey of 14 days from  Nauvoo I arived in Kirtland in good health and  found my family enjoying the same blessing but all in conf usion <in> Kirtland accasioned by what Hyrum [Smith] rote in the paper  and by the proceedings with br— Babbit [Almon Babbitt] and there was a great  deal of jealousy against me thinking I was the means of all  of it. I have opposition enough I asure you but I mean  to take a stedy course let the consequences be what they may  I Saw Br Babbit and there was so much difference between  us more than I expected that I did not feel authorised to do any  thing about it till I had advise from you this is the way  his Ac Stands against you J Smith Dr to makeing  four Deeds $28 Andersons Andrews & Cowdrys Cost  $75 Motion of cort to discrarge Judgment $3  Sheriffs fee for selling $16 Judgment which he had  asigned over to him By Bald Spencer and Hufty $1868,58
Which amounts to $1990.58
1300Amt. of Cr.
J Smith Cr. By R[obert] Pierces Land  $1100,00 by Cash paid by Dr [Isaac] Galland  $200,00 this is the way his acount Stands he Clames  Six hundred and ninety Dollars fifty eight cents then  he will Deed back your house and Lot to Sister  Emma the amount of the Saddle and bridel which he  says is $30— he endorsed on a judgment against you  in favor of Stanard he says he has got Demands agai nst you of about $1400 Dollars he says he went authorised  by O[liver] Granger and he was to have Doollar for Dollar for all  the Demands he took up[.] I talked with [Benjamin] Bissel about his  proseedings he says it can be taken from him by fileing  a bill in Chancery unless he should sell it to another person and  he being an innocent holder not knoweing the circumstances  he talked with me of Selling it he said he should be oblieged to  before long or his creditors would put on to it— he go up there  he thinks in the latter part of winter he says you and he can Settle [p. [1]]
Reuben McBride, Letter, Kirtland, OH, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 3 Jan. 1842; handwriting of Reuben McBride; four pages; JS Collection, CHL. Includes endorsement.