Letter from Richard Hewitt, 24 May 1840

Shawnee Prairie Fountain County Indiania
May the 24th 1840
Deer Brothers and Sisters in  the Lord these will Inform you that I  and my Famley & the Brothers & sisters in this  section ar all well and we thank Hour Heavn ley Father for the same non[e] of us have herd  from Commerce for nearley 12 Monts and  we ar very anxious to hear from you all  their. I Reseved [received] a leter from Elder David  Judy Yesterday he livs near Macknaw  Illinois and he writ[e]s to me that thare  is a paper Printed at Commerce by the  Brothren and adviseses me to git it  and I have wanted to git the papers if  I Could [k]now how to come at them  I have Enquired of Evry one that I thought  knew any thing about them but never  Could find out whether there was eny  or not Printed yet till E[l]der Judy wrote  to me I [e]nquired of him By Leter about  the papers and he Let me no [know] but he  Did not let me no [know] wath [what] the price  was nor who was the Editor and I thought  that I would wright to you and see  if you would send them to me you  can git a noledge [knowledge] of me from Wm.  Boldin or Stanton Joseph Rose Dayton  Uriah Crtis and others the Branch of  the Church here is in a coald state  at this time it Reminds me of Peter  and the wrest when they went a fishing [p. [1]]
Richard Hewitt, letter, Shawnee Prairie, IN, to JS and the Church, Nauvoo, IL, 24 May 1840; probably handwriting of Richard Hewitt; two pages; JS Collection, CHL. Includes endorsements.