Letter from Richard Hewitt, 24 May 1840

we want if it is Posable for some  Elder to Come and set the Branch  of Christs Church in order Elder  Joseph Rose Don[e] a goeed work here and  If he Could Come Back here again  I think he might Dwo [do] agate [a great] Deel of  good he was universaly beliked  and if he Cant Come we want some  strong one boath in Faith and  Doctran to Come here as soons as posable  if you will send me the Papers I  want them Directed to Shawnee Prairie  post office and when I git the Papers I will  send the pay By the first Elder that  I can see Coming up thare Yours in  the Bands of our Lord and Saviour  Jesus Christ May the Lord bless you  all is my sinsere yrayer [prayer]
To Joseph & Hiram [Hyrum] Smith and the  Bothers & Sisters in genrael
Richard Hewitt
N—. B I want some strong Elder to  Bee Shure to Came [p. 2]
Richard Hewitt, letter, Shawnee Prairie, IN, to JS and the Church, Nauvoo, IL, 24 May 1840; probably handwriting of Richard Hewitt; two pages; JS Collection, CHL. Includes endorsements.