Letter from Thomas Burdick, 28 August 1840

is a place of safety preparing for them away towards  the Rockey mountains they may have a long and croo ked Road to go to get there” and says but few will  be preserved to arrive there, he suggests that twelve  stakes may be built up & again thrown down—  That the ten tribes are somewhere on a Planet taken  from this Plannet which when it comes back will cause  this earth to reil to and fro like two Boats meeting—  that Adam had 15 or 16 sons before Cain &c. We ack nowledge that men of God ought to have enough of this  spirit to enable them to understand all things as they  come along; but such teachings are not all understood  in this place, they are calculated to make excite ment & what the consequences may be I am not  able to say. We are not only willing but greatly  desire to receive all necessary instructions and in formation in the order and own due time, of the Lord,  and whatever and whatever the consequences may be  to try to bear up under them as well as we can.
Elder Dunham was somewhat indulged in  this place & although we were not fully satisfied as  to the propriety and truth of all his teachings, yet,  we did not take up against him for fear of doing  wrong: but since he went away being left rather  in the dark with regard to his authority, reflecting  on the nature of his mission, & looking at all his proc eedings and teachings, I for one cannot help but doubt  more and more his being authorized & sent to teach  all these things in this place at this time, therefore  of my own accord I have written this letter for infor mation: I have directed it to you expecting that,  probably Joseph might not be at home, I want the  letter put into his hands to be examined and ans wered according to the mind and will of the Lord.
If he is not at home I want it submitted to the  High Council and as many of the first Presidency  as are at home that we may receive true information  and instruction or none as the Lord will. Elder  Dunham will probably be back through here in Oct. [p. 175]
Thomas Burdick, letter, Kirtland, OH, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 28 Aug. 1840; handwriting of Howard Coray; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 174–176; JS Collection, CHL.