Letter to Church Brethren, 15 June 1835

Kirtland June 15, 1835
Dear brethren in the Lord,
I send you my love and warmest wishes  for your prosperity in the great cause of  our Redeemer.
We are now commencing to prepare  and print the New Translation, together  with all the revelations which God has  been pleased to give us in these last days,  and as we are in want of funds to go  on with so great and glorious a work,  brethren <we> want you should donate and  loan us all the means or money  you can that we may be enable[d]  to accomplish the work as a great  means towards the salvation of Men.
My love to my relatives &c
your brother in  the bonds of the New Covenant.
Joseph Smith Jr [p. [1]]
JS, letter, Kirtland, OH, to church brethren, 15 June 1835; handwriting of William W. Phelps with signature of JS; one page; JS Collection, CHL.