Letter to Church Officers in Missouri, 31 August 1835

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Kirtland Aug. 31, 1835.
The Presidency of Kirtland and Zion say  that the Lord has manifested by revelation  of his spirit that the high preeist, teachers,  Priests and deacons, or in other words all the  officers in the land of Clay Co. Mo. belonging  to the church are more or less in transgres sion, because they have not enjoyed the  Spirit of God sufficiently to be able to  comprehend their duties respecting them selves, and the welfare of Zion. Thereby  having been left to act, in a manner that  is detrimental to the interest, and also  a hindrance, to the redemption of Zion.
Now if they will be wise, they will  humble themselves in a peculiar manner  that God may open the eyes of their under standing, It will be clearly manifest that  the design and purposes of the Almighty;  are with regard to them and the children of  Zion: that they should let the high counsel  which is appointed of God and ordained for  that purpose, <make and> regulate all the affairs of Zion:  and that it is the will of God, that her chil dren should stand still, and see the salvation  of her redemption; and the officers of the  church should go forth, inasmuch as they  can leave their families in comfortable  circumstances; and gather up the saints,  even the strength of the Lords house.  And those who cannot go forth consist ently with the will of God their circumstan ces prev[e]nting them; remain in deep  humility: and in as much, [as] th[e]y do any thing [p. 77]