Letter to Church Officers in Missouri, 31 August 1835

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confine themselves to teaching the first  principles of the Gospel: not endeavoring  to institute regulations or laws for Zion,  without having been appointed of God.
Now we say there is no need of ordaining  in Zion, or appointing any more officers:  but let all those that are ordained magnify  themselves before the Lord: by going into the  vineyard and cleansing their garments from  the blood of this generation. It is one  thing to be ordained to preach the gospel,  and to push the people together to Zion,  and it is another thing to be annointed to  lay the foundation and build up the  City of Zion, and execute her laws. There fore it is certain that many of the Elders  have come under great condemnation,  in endeavoring to steady the ark of God,  in a place where th[e]y have not been  sent.
The high counsel and bishops court  have been established to do the business  of Zion, and her children are not bound,  to accknowledge any of those who feel dis posed to run to Zion and set themselves to  be their rulers. Let not her children be  duped in this way, but let them prove those  who say they are apostles, and are not.
The Elders have no right to regulate Zion,  but they have a right to preach the gos pel. They will all do well to repent and  humble themselves, and all the church, and  also we, ourselves receive the admonition  and so now endeavor and pray to this end. [p. 78]