Letter to Church Officers in Missouri, 31 August 1835

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swine, least they trample them under their  feet, and turn again and rend you. There fore— let us be wise in all things, and keep  all the commandments of God, that our  salvation may be sure: having our armour  ready and prepared against the time ap pointed; and having on the whole armour  of righteousness, we may be able to stand  in that trying day. We say also that if there  are any doors open for the Elders to preach  the first principles of the gospel: let them  not keep silence: rail not against the  sects, neither talk against their tenets.  But preach Christ and him crucified.  love to God, and love to man, observing  always to make mention of our republic an principles, thereby if posible, we may  allay the prejudice of the people, be meek  and lowly of heart, and the Lord God of  our fathers shall be with you for evermore
Sanctioned and signed by the Presidents
Joseph Smith Jr.
We remember your  familly, with all the fi[r]st families of the  church, who first embraced the truth,  we remember your losses and sorrows   our first ties are not broken, we [p. 80]